Popular Holiday Destinations For Brits In November

Popular Holiday Destinations For Brits In November Cover

Popular Holiday Destinations For Brits In November


November has become a very popular month for travel amongst the British public. The main reason for this is pretty obvious, it’s the last chance to soak up some sun before the temperature rapidly drops and the frosty British winter comes out in full force!

We took a look at what destinations are most favourable amongst British holiday makers and we chose 5 beautiful locations to showcase to you. During our research we found that the average location takes roughly between 4 – 5 hours to reach and the temperate in these delightful hot spots ranges between 20 – 25 degrees in November. This is a whole 10+ degrees higher than the expected temperature in the UK throughout November.

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Top 5 Holiday Destinations For British Tourists Throughout The Month Of November


1. St. Paul’s Bay – Malta

St. Paul’s Bay is a small town that is located in the north of Malta. It’s extremely popular amongst holiday makers and is only 16 kilometres away from Valletta which is the capital city of Malta. Traditionally known as the fisherman’s village, St. Paul’s Bay is now slightly more developed due to the influx of tourists but remains a quiet and relaxing destination.

2. Marrakech – Morocco

Marrakech is a beautiful holiday destination. It’s a place that is full of history and class. There are many Moroccan cities worth visiting such as Casablanca and Rabat but Marrakech seems to be amongst the most popular location for tourists. The cities culture, modern malls, restaurants, luxurious looking palm trees are just a number of thing that attract holiday makers.

From the Sahara desert to the medieval looking architecture and even the Atlas Mountains, you won’t want to blink from the fear of missing something astonishing.

3. Lanzarote – Spain

When it comes to searching for winter sun, the Canary Island have sure been a number one choice for many British holiday makers over the years. The Canary Islands in particular Lanzarote, have become a reliable and trusted place to visit. Wether you are looking to sunbathe by the pool or go mountain biking over the red rocks, Lanzarote truly has something for everyone.

4. Santorini – Greece

Have you every stumbled upon one of those gorgeous blue and white paradise like holiday photos and wondered where it was taken? It’s more than likely that those photos were taken in Santorini, Greece. Santorini is the most beautiful little Greek Island that is filled with many elegant and exquisite restaurants that overlook the amazing Aegean sea. Perfect for a romantic break away!

5. Bali – Indonesia

Bali is a small slice of Indonesian paradise. It has been popular amongst Australian holiday makers for many years now and is becoming increasingly sought after by British tourists. You won’t be stuck for choice when it comes to activities in Bali. With a variety of cooking classes available; You can trek through the monkey forests; Experience the famous party scene in Kuta and of course relax by the pool or one of the many beaches whilst building up a lovely sun tan.

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