Budget Guide To Singapore

A budget guide to Singapore

Budget Guide To Singapore

We recently visited Singapore a couple of weeks ago because we had to leave Thailand to renew our visas. When we were initially applying for our Thai visas at the Thai embassy in Phnom Penh, part of the process included us showing our exit flight from Thailand. So at that time, in a bit of a panic we booked the cheapest flight that we could, which happened to be to Singapore.
“I mean £25 for a one way flight, how cheap is that?”
The Thai embassy handed us our visas and we were delighted! Thailand for the next two months and then a cheap weekend in Singapore? YES PLEASE! Little did we know, Singapore is considered one of the most expensive cities in Asia, let alone the World. We soon discovered this harsh reality after a little bit of googling and youtubing. Instead of letting this discovery upset us, no, we thrive in turning any destination in to a budget friendly haven.

How did we make the impossible possible? Here’s how:

1. Hotel

We stayed in the Fragrance Hotel Bugis. This is part of the Fragrance Hotel chain which has 21 hotels in Singapore. This hotel was the heart of our stay as it is perfectly situated within the city centre so every landmark or tourist attraction that we wanted to visit, we could do so by foot. The bed was so comfy! We had an amazing sleep and most importantly, it was budget friendly. If you aren’t aware of accommodation in Singapore, heres the short version: It’s expensive. Even the cheapest hostel came to at least £25 per night when we checked. So we looked around and done our research and found the Fragrance Hotel Bugis, and what a gem it was! It was roughly £150 for 2 nights and worth every penny!

Fragrance Hotel Bugis Singapore Our room at the Fragrance Hotel Bugis, Singapore.

2. Hawker Markets

These are an absolute life saver! Hawker Markets are local food markets where you will find a collection of stalls selling local cuisine for a very reasonable price. We had heard a little bit about these before we left but it did not prepare us for how nice the food was going to be. We ordered 2 plates of food, both plates stacked high with rice, noodles and different veggies and curries; and when we went to pay it only came to $5.60. You read that right, $5.60 which is about £3.15! And trust me when I say, we were not sacrificing taste for price, the food was delicious! So nice that we returned a day later. Hawker Markets are dotted about throughout the city so you won’t be stuck for somewhere to eat.

Hawker Markets Singapore Albert Centre Hawker Market in Singapore.

3. Gardens By The Bay

This is one of the most famous attractions in Singapore and I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of pictures of it on Instagram. Gardens By The Bay is this huge outdoor garden in the middle of the city right next to the Marina Bay Sands hotel (another famous landmark) and is home to 18 “Super Trees”. These are massive manmade trees that range from 25m to 50m in height. We were in awe of these because lets face it, where else in a city do you see “Super Trees”? Exactly, no where. We spent a good 3 hours walking around the gardens taking in all the sights, smells and sounds that nature had to offer us. How much did this once in a lifetime breathtaking experience cost us? Nothing. You can walk around the Gardens By The Bay for free. If you wish you can pay to enter the domes that are there or pay to walk along the sky bridge, but we got a pretty good view from where we were stood. Maybe next time we’ll check out the sky bridge.

Super Trees at the gardens by the bay The Incredible super Trees at the gardens by the bay.

4. Esplanade Theatre

The Esplanade Theatre is a must for anyone visiting Singapore. It’s a theatre that offers its guests the opportunity to watch free productions based on a first come first served basis. I know, where else do you get that in the World never mind one of the supposedly “most expensive cities”. Not only does this theatre put on free productions, it also has a rooftop which you can access for free and the views from the rooftop are truly breathtaking. In daylight it is the perfect backdrop for that all important snapchat picture and at night you have a first class view of the light show at Marina Bay Sands hotel. There is also a restaurant on the rooftop which we din’t eat at but we did hear some great reviews on it.

A view of the Marina Bay from the Esplanade Theatre A view of the Marina Bay from the Esplanade Theatre.

5. Marina Barrage

Situated beside the Gardens By The Bay, you will find the Marina Barrage. It’s a wide open rooftop park with astroturf flooring. You will find a lot of people there enjoying a picnic or flying a kite. The astroturf makes for the perfect blanket to lay on and relax. It can get very busy at weekends but we visited during the week and it was just gorgeous. There is no entrance fee so you can come and go when you please and bask in the afternoon sun whilst taking in the surround sights of the city.

A view of the Marina Bay from the Marina Barrage A view of the Marina Bay from the Marina Barrage.

We were only in Singapore for 2 nights so I’m sure there are plenty more free things to do and see but unfortunately we just didn’t have enough time to see them all. In the short space of time that we had we fell in love with Singapore. Everything about it from the super clean streets to the magnificent skyline of the financial district at night, I can’t recommend Singapore enough. If you haven’t been there or you are contemplating it, trust me, book your flight, you won’t regret it!

If you want more info on anything that I’ve mentioned above check out these links:
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