Did You Even Go To Ibiza

Ushuaia - Did you even go to Ibiza?

Did You Even Go To Ibiza If You Cant Relate To This List

Ibiza, is it just a holiday destination or a way of life? Who knows! What we do know is that we love it and we’d go every year if we could! What we have found is that after speaking to a number of people who also share our love for the White Isle is that we have all pretty much shared the same experiences.
“I’m sure if you’ve been too you can also relate to this list.”
1. Go to the gym flat out for about 2 months before your holiday

2. Drink too many mini Smirnoff’s on the flight on the way over

3. Get your friend to take the obligatory picture of you standing in your bikini on the balcony

4. Feel underdressed at Ocean Beach Club

5. Cover your eyes and face in glitter

6. Do your best to not make eye contact with a ticket seller

7. Fall in love with techno music

8. Wear an adidas t-shirt

9. Pay €20 for a bottle of water in a club

10. Wish that you’d spent more time at the gym

11. Wake up with glitter literally everywhere

12. Say “No thanks I’ve already got tickets for tonight” about one million times

13. Pollute Instagram with pictures of your legs in the pool saying your not coming home

14. Play drinking games with your new found hotel mates

15. Spot someone wearing a spoon necklace

16. Wish you had more tattoos

17. Pre drink at the rocks by Cafe Mambo whilst watching the sunset

18. Keep all your wristbands on until they disintegrate on your wrist

19. Tuck into a dirty Burger King at airport

20. Come home with about a million different tattoo ideas

21. Complain to all your coworkers about how you have the #ibizablues

22. Plan how you’re going to return next year and work there

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  1. Hahaha, I’m not a partier, so I can tell you, Ibiza is a beautiful island! We went in October, the clubbing off-season, and, although there were a few parties, none really appealed to us. So we rented a car and drove around the island, swam in the Mediterranean, and went to a Hippie market… it was awesome! The biggest challenge was that many hotels were closed for the season.

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