Italy, home to 59.8 million humans has left a huge stamp on western culture and cuisine. It’s rich in art, music, style, architecture and of course food! Italians take food very seriously and are proud of their culinary heritage. The capital Rome is home to many beautiful landmarks such as the Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain and is the one city we have visited in Italy to date.

CapitalCapital: Rome

EuroCurrency: Euro

LanguageLanguage’s: Italian and English

Time ZoneTime Zone: UTC+02:00

PopulationPopulation: 59.8 million

Roman CatholicMajority Religion: Roman Catholic

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Rome How to get to Rome: Rome is home to two airports, Fiumicino Airport which is used by bigger airlines and for more international flights and Ciampino which is used more by budget airlines. We flew into Ciampino as we travelled with Ryanair. Once you arrive into this airport you ...