Essentials For Your Backpacking Adventure

Essentials For Your Backpacking Adventure


Deciding what to pack for a long trip can be daunting. Especially if your about to embark on a one month plus journey to the other side of the world. You will have a maximum of 2 bags to take with you and prioritising can be a challenging task, especially for us ladies. Sure you planned on packing those beautiful heels but somehow bug spray and a pair of trainers replaced them. Don’t worry you’ll be thankful later. After all, the heels won’t help when your up all night itching bug bites and your feet are filled with blisters from a week’s worth of adventures.

From my experience, if you are travelling for one month or more it’s not the clothes you have to worry about when packing. In fact pack less clothes and worry more about the products that you’ll find beneficial. Quality products can be harder to get your hands and they can be costly too.

I’ve spent the last four months travelling around Asia and in that time I’ve become very grateful for a small number of things. I’m 100% thankful I packed the following items and I would recommend them all to anyone who is about to set off on their own adventure.

1. Wash Bags

If I’m being honest, a wash bag is something that never entered my head prior to travelling. But, a few weeks before Blanaid and I hit the road her father kindly gifted us with two. Between us we use them every couple of days to wash our clothes and they are hands down complete life savers. They have probably saved us from racking up quite the laundry bill over the past couple of months too.

They are so simple to use, all you need to do is add hot water and some washing powder along with your clothes. Leave you’re clothes to soak for 30 minutes and then hang them out on a washing line. Which brings me nicely onto my next recommendation…

2. Portable Washing Line

From hotels and hostels to apartments on AirBnB you’ll need a space to dry your wet clothes. We’ve never had too much of a problem drying our clothes and we’ve stayed in all kinds of accomodation. You’ll find you will become very resourceful when hunting down a place to hang your line.

3. Universal Travel Adaptor

This travel adaptor was a gift from my mother. What a mighty good one it’s turned out to be! It’s adjustable to work in over 150 countries including, the USA, Europe, UK, Australia, Asia, South America and more. This is the perfect purchase for anyone planning their up and comping trip.

4. Packing Cubes

To this day packing cubes are one of my best travel purchases. They save a lot of room, keep your bag tidy and compact leaving you with more bag space for those extra bits and bobs.

5. A Tablet – For Those Dreadfully Long Bus Journeys

If your already an avid traveller then you’ll know just how painful long bus journeys can be, especially through South East Asia. Having a tablet can be the only thing that makes 12 plus hour long journeys bearable sometimes, after all who doesn’t like the occasionally Netflix series binge. Lucky for me, Blanaid already owned a small Samsung Tablet which she brought along with her.

6. GoPro Hero 4

For those of you who don’t already own a GoPro I’d highly recommend you get yourself one. Capturing memories is magical and you’ll be glad you got the footage when you look back on your videos.

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  1. My biggest travel challenge is bringing too much… but I carried my backpack most of the 800 km of the Camino de Santiago, so it was VERY CRITICAL to have a light back. (Near the end, I realized you could send your back (minus valubles!) to the next stop in a taxi for 5 euros – that’s when I finally started enjoying the hike!)

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